Meet Our Employees

Our employees are our family!

Shelbi U 

Office Manager

Shelbi started with the company in May of 2013. She has a wide range of interests, including boxing, music (with an eclectic taste ranging from Patsy Cline to Mozart to Miranda Lambert), and exploring new cities with her husband and son. She is also an avid coffee drinker.

Kelly L 

Administrative Assistant

Kelly has worked here for just over a year. She likes to work out, shop, avoids spicy food, decorating her new house, and watching her husband coach football on Friday nights.  

Claudia L 

Nanera (Nanny) | Head Chef

Claudia joined our team in February 2017. She's a Zumba instructor, Mother to 3 boys, loves to cook for every one, and loves to throw a good party. 

Leland L 

El Presidente

Owner, Patron, Dad, Father in Law. Since 1999. He loves traveling with his wife and evenings on the patio with family. He is expert level sudoku master, passionate about teaching Sunday school and building relationships in his Church Community. 

Steve S 

Sales Representative

Business partner and best friend. Since September 2005. He loves Hunting, fishing, and traveling, and working on his wedding venue with his wife. He is a Wood craftsman and loves spending time with his grand kids. 

Kasey U 

Sales Representative

Since June 2015 . He Loves shooting his bow, hunting, country dancing, fishing, and really anything outdoors. He loves Spending time with his favorite gingers, his son Tyler and wife Shelbi. 

Nick C 

Sales Representative

Since 2000. He loves Cycling, running, tough mudders, and trips up to Colorado with his 2 kids and his wife. 

Danica B 

Xactimate Expert (Insurance Specialist)

Since June 2017. She is a Frenchie collector (decorative and pet owner), enjoys living a balanced and healthy life style, baseball mom (#flatbill), and enjoys riding with her husband on their Harley 

Kyle C 

Sales Representative 

Since 2013. When he isn't running Crossfit 806 he is spending time with his wife and son.

Tyler U

Office Dancer

Loves dancing to the La Ranita song, jumping, rocking his ginger mohawk, chewing on just about anything, loves music like his Mom and Dad, cuddling with his Nanera for naps, and brightening up anyone's day. 

Karter L

Sour Patch Kid (Sour then Sweet)

Constantly moving and wanting to explore, looking just like his Daddy, built like a 2nd baseman, uses that pouty lip to his advantage, drool and chew on his favorite Nanera,with such a big personality for a little guy. 


Office Vacuum Cleaner

Always on a diet never losing weight, favorite place to hang out- Kitchen, chasing the tennis balls for as long as someone will throw it or until her short legs need a break, super sweet to Tyler and Karter- she lets them crawl all over and pull all the hair they want. 


Howler at Sirens

Favorite snack- Puppachino, sweet but timid, rescue dog from Houston, jealous of the attention Karter now receives, but checks on him occasionally while he naps, prefers to be cuddled up under a desk in her bed. 


100% Kasey's Dog

Always wanting to please him, smiley, obedient, a little bit awkward, with the sweetest personality. Curious about the boys but can't wait til they get a bit older so they can run after each other. 

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