Do you provide free estimates?

Yes. Roof Spotters will always provide you a free estimate for replacement or repair.

What is the first step a homeowner should take after potential hail damage?

We recommend that the homeowner call our office as a first point of contact after any potential hail damage. A member of our team will schedule a time to check your roof for damages and provide you an estimated total to provide to your claims agent prior to you making the call to your insurance company.

Will you help me with my insurance claim?

Yes. Roof Spotters will work with the homeowner and the insurance adjuster to insure you receive all the money you are owed for your claim, as well as help you fill out any contracts or paperwork required by the insurance company.

Do you repair minor roof damage?

Yes. Roof Spotters specializes in new roof installations and roofing repairs for residential and commercial clients in Amarillo. Roof Spotters will check to make sure your roof is repairable and provide you with a free estimate.

Will your team help me make a decision on material?

Yes. Roof Spotters has over 20 years of experience in the industry and are product experts skilled at helping homeowners understand which materials are best for your protection and insurance coverage.

Do you require a down payment before beginning work?

No. You will not make any payments to Roof Spotters before the work is completed and you are completely satisfied with our work.

What questions should I ask when selecting a roofing company?

We recommend the homeowner ask the company for their certifications and a list of professional associations they are members of. We also recommend asking how many documented years the company has been in business and a referral list of previously satisfied customers.

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