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Roof Spotters makes your roof replacement or repair, easy, fast, and worry-free.

Follow our 8 Simple Steps if you are concerned you may have roof damage.

  1. Contact Roof Spotters Inc. – We will give a no-cost inspection of your roof, mark damage, measure your roof, and meet with your adjuster if necessary. Call us today.
  2. Roof Spotters Inc. will answer any and all roofing questions about roofing products – heavy shakes, medium shakes, cedar shingles, architectural design composition, tile, metal tile, etc. We will fill out a detailed contract and schedule an installation date. Call your home insurance agent or claims office. Report date and nature of loss. –( i.e., May 28, 2019 – hail)
  3. If you have a mortgage company, call them when you receive your insurance check. (The check will be made to both of you.) If the mortgage company is out of town, follow mailing instructions and send the check for their endorsement. Then deposit it in your savings account. (Never pay any contractor until work has been completed to your satisfaction.)
  4. Use the insurance money in your savings account to pay Roof Spotters Inc. At this time, we will give you a final billing. You will send this final bill to your insurance company. When the balance of your money arrives, get mortgage endorsements if necessary, and then drop it off at our office, send it in the mail, or call us and we will pick it up.
  5. Call, fax, or email Roof Spotters Inc. when you receive your insurance paperwork. We will check measurements and work with your adjuster to ensure that you get the proper amount of insurance money.
  6. We will call you between one and three days before work begins. Remember, we will need access to an electric outlet and you will need to get your car out of the garage. Our crews will back up in your driveway and carry the roofing trash over the roof to their truck.
  7. Enjoy your new roof and tell everyone you know how easy these 10 steps were to follow.
  8. After our work is completed, inspect your new roof, yard, landscaping, gutters, and driveways to make sure it meets your approval.

Submitting a Roof Damage Claim To Your Insurance Company

  • If you feel damage of any kind has occurred to your roof, contact your insurance agent for an inspection and report on the extent of damage.
  • At that point, your insurance agent will authorize any temporary repairs that are needed to prevent any further damage to your property.
  • It is always a good idea to take pictures of your roof and document any damage prior to making any temporary or permanent repairs.
  • Please keep all of your receipts for any emergency repairs that are made to your roof, in order to be properly reimbursed by your insurance company.
  • An insurance adjuster will be assigned to your claim and an appointment will be made to inspect the damage done to your roof.
  • Do not make any permanent repairs to your roof until your insurance adjuster has had the opportunity to assess all of the damage incurred.
  • Once the adjuster has completed your roof inspection, you will receive a claim sheet outlining the scope of damage and the amount of funds that will be available to you for repairs.

Our staff has extensive experience in working with all of the major home insurance companies in your area. Feel free to call us to help you with this process. Got a roof damage claim in Amarillo, TX? Call (806) 372-4149 now!

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